Programs & Concentrations


Art History is an interdisciplinary, critical study of human history through the perspective of visual culture . Students explore the various areas of Art History to build a foundation for future creative, interpretive, analytical work. 

ART 111 C Survey of Art History (3 Units) 

ART 112 C Survey of Art History II (3 Units) 

ART 112 HC Honors Survey of Art History II (3 Units) 

ART 114 C Modern Art History (3 Units) 

ART 216 C Latin American Art (3 Units) 



The study of ceramics includes a strong foundation in technique, process, utilitarian and non-objective design, surface exploration, visual concepts and meaning. Problem solving is taught tangibly with criticality to help students develop a personal aesthetic in relationship to the broader visual culture.  

ART 150 C Ceramics Handbuilding (3 Units)

ART 151 C Ceramics Throwing (3 Units)

ART 152 C Technical and Conceptual Ceramics (3 Units)

ART 153 C Ceramic Studio Exploration (3 Units)

ART 154 C Ceramic Aesthetics  Finishes (3 Units)

ART 155 C Art Open Laboratory (.5 to 2 Units) 



Contemporary Art Studio introduces students to the practices of contemporary art, including current approaches to drawing and painting, sculpture, installation art, performance art, video, sound, and digital technologies . Students use a variety of traditional and digital processes to create works of art . 

ART 166 C Contemporary Art Studio (3 Units)

ART 167 C Contemporary Art Studio (3 Units) Pending Board Approval



Drawing and Painting courses explore traditional and experimental methods in image-making and the acquisition of technical and formal skills and the development of a personal artistic vision.

ART 182 C Beginning Drawing (3 Units) 

ART 183 C Intermediate Drawing (3 Units) 

ART 184 C Advanced Drawing (3 Units) 

ART 194 C Beginning Painting (3 Units) 

ART 195 C Intermediate Painting (3 Units) 

ART 196 C Advanced Painting (3 Units) 



Foundation Studies courses explore the basic elements and principles of art concepts, terminology, techniques, and materials as preparation for all of our studio concentrations.

ART 120 C Two-Dimensional Design  (3 Units)

ART 121 C Three-Dimensional Design (3 Units)

ART 122 C Intro to Digital Art (3 Units)* Pending Board Approval

ART 123 C Color Theory (3 Units)



Gallery Studies students are introduced to installation practices, exhibition organization and management, and professional practices required to work in gallery and museum environments . 

ART 161 C Gallery Studies 1 (3 Units) 

ART 162 C Gallery Studies 2 (3 Units)

ART 163 C Gallery Studies 3 (3 Units)


General Ed (Non Art Majors)

ART 100 C Fundamentals of Art - (3 Units)

ART 110 C Introduction to Art (3 Units) 



Illustration is an area of study where students are introduced to the art of the narrative. Students develop strong skill sets and learn the business of Illustration. Illustration is primarily commercial, but also impacts social, political and cultural ideas. Areas of illustration include Book Illustration, Story Design and Character Design, Package Design, Product Illustration, and Portraits.

ART 244 C Illustration (3 Units) 

ART 246 C Advanced Illustration (3 Units) 



Jewellery design is the art or profession of designing and creating jewellery. This is one of civilization's earliest forms of decoration, dating back at least seven thousand years to the oldest known human societies. The Metalsmithing classes focus specifically on metal craft where as jewelry courses include a variety of materials like stone, metal, wood,  bone, and other precious and common materials.

ART 174 C Jewelry Design (3 Units)

ART 175 C Metalsmithing (3 Units)



Life Studies explores imaging of the human figure using a variety of representational, experimental, and expressive drawing and painting techniques, styles,  and media.  

ART 185 C Beginning Life Drawing (3 Units) 

ART 186 C Intermediate Life Drawing (3 Units) 

ART 187 C Advanced Life Drawing (3 Units) 

ART 191 C Life Painting (3 Units) 

ART 193 C Portrait Painting (3 Units) 



This program presents the artist with reproduction concepts and techniques employing drawing, design, and color through the use of fine art printing medias such as etching, lithography, and woodcut.. 

ART 130 C Intro to Printmaking (3 Units)

ART 131 C Intermediate Printmaking (3 Units) 



The Sculpture courses explore 3d principles, techniques, and concepts utilizing a wide range of materials and practices with attention to creative self-expression and historical context .  

ART 149 C Beginning Sculpture (3 Units) 

ART 146 C Beginning Sculpture (3 Units)* Pending Board Approval 

ART 147 C Advanced Sculpture (3 Units)* Pending Board Approval